Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic winches are available to meet all the Customer needs and applications…

Offshore and marine cranes with lattice, stiff, telescopic, knuckle, knuckle- telescopic and jib boom type. A new species with only ‘bespoke’ specimens.
Cantilever cranes, cable reels, special hydraulic cylinders, A-Frames, ATEX machineries and tailor solutions. Offshore combine harvester? Under development…
Is our guideline applied throughout the product life. Starting from the relationship with the Customer to the design, compliance with the applicable Rules, production, cost effectiveness, quality control, environment care, in shop testing, commissioning and start-up and after sales support. SMT MARINE designs and produces quality lifting equipment for marine, offshore and on-shore applications in accordance with all the International Naval Registers including, and not limited to, RINA, DNV, LRS, ABS, BV, GL, RMRS, GOST, Gostehnadzor, TSB. The products cover a wide range of application with different designs as standard or specific tailored solutions when applicable.

SMT MARINE IS STRONGER. The dedicated experience on Cranes and Special Equipment have been enlarged and made solid by the entering into the Company share of REMAZEL Engineering, a sound and reputable Company specialized in the offshore certified lifting equipment with capacity of direct pull up to 1000ton and with a positive track record lasting for over 35 years. REMAZEL support is valuable on taking active part in the engineering and manufacturing phases also providing a worldwide coverage for the technical support. The competitiveness of the strategic agreement is based on the positive synergic effects due to the union of strengths of both Companies.
SMT MARINE can now approach the market with an improved appeal.

For each product SMT MARINE provides all the necessary documentation supplied in a digital format.

The documentation portfolio can be composed of some if not all of the following documents depending on customer requirements, material certificate, design calculations, QC Documentation, NDT Reports, components certificates, in shop testing certificates, paint thickness report, paint adherence certificate, Third Party design approval Certificate, in shop test report witnessed by Third Party with all the documentation duly stamped and approved, shipping documentation, clear and comprehensive operation manual, and an all-encompassing spare parts list.
SMT MARINE can provide training courses for operators, maintenance engineers and managers. The courses include first and second line maintenance, with the possibility to physically simulate a failure and make the necessary diagnosis to solve the problem under the surveillance and guideline of our technicians, both in house or on site.

Assistance for commissioning, start up, periodical or extraordinary maintenance can be provided on request.

The extensive use of COTS components from the market leading suppliers give the Customer confidence in the continued availability of the spares, if required for many years to come.
With years of experience in this specialist industry, our dedicated management and engineering team is at the heart of SMT MARINE worldwide operations.

We have a passion for excellence in all aspect of commercial, design and production, whilst achieving complete Client satisfaction - an objective shared by our select range of reputable Suppliers.

Our slogan of "Built on respect" reflects the care and attention we put on the high quality of our products and services to the Customers.

For any question, references or any request for proposal please contact us. Please, feel free to require the brochure simply filling the form.

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Our Representatives are active in UAE, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Norway, UK, India, Serbia, Egypt, Poland,
Azerbaijan, Ukraine, France, Spain, Singapore, Portugal, Turkey, Korea.
The ones highlighted, provide first line intervention and technical assistance. Please contact SMT MARINE Head Quarter for details.
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